Our mission is to help lawyers grow a thriving practice through smart, creative, and compassionate expression

And kill the boring, old looking lawyer websites

Our name “Make and Flow” entails setting yourself up for success and building a momentum that keeps flowing, long and consistently.

Make and Flow is a new attorney design initiative starting in 2019, but by no means are we new to the web space. After building hundreds of websites and marketing materials like videos for various clients, I noticed a glaring divide between the professionalism attorneys have in-person to how they present themselves online. It's as if lawyers suit up in person win business, but many fail to wear the proper attire online, which acts as your 24/7 selling machine.

And I believe people are longing to find lawyers that they can trust, develop long term relationships and refer to others.


‍When you look for an expert, you are biased to lean towards what looks "better-fitting" When you want to refer someone, you hesitate if that person doesn't have his or her sh*t together because it could reflect bad on you.

‍And so I've unlocked some unique solutions that apply to "the small guy" or small law firm and I'm on a mission to empower those who share similar ideas as me to:

- build a successful business
- build a consistent flow of clients
- and implement strategies that create autonomy

Our Core Values

We make a priority to be available for our clients, to understand where they are today and identify ways on how to help move forward.  

We have an itch inside of ourselves to discover and try new things that could benefit our clients.  

Positive Attitude
We believe that great things can come out of hard situations. Keep playing because the game is never over until it’s over.  

It is our duty to do what is right and to hold true to our commitments and the pursuit to help others.

Long-term Goals

#1: Transform the lives of 1,000,000 people by providing assistance to 1,000 lawyers across the globe.

Contribute 1,000,000 euros to organizations committed to children’s education and self-discover. Self-awareness is the greater characteristic you can have.

Develop tools that help lawyers automate redundant tasks so they can focus more on sharpening their legal creativity.

Michael Miello
Chief Solutions Officer

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia but currently living Paris, France with wife and daughter
Duke University, University of Neuchâtel
Travel, running, changing my baby’s diapers

Hi, I’m Mike. Running a small team of web experts and being a small business owner myself, I understand the value of relationships, priority support, and guidance. And this is what I offer to clients. Think of Make&Flow as your wingman for the web. When you grow, we grow, and we want to take actions that preserve this mutual bon.

Expect no less than superior support and execution from.

Outside of work, I try to stay active. I played college baseball at Duke and somehow those daily workouts never left the system. Keep moving. Keep learning. Keep exploring! And my baby daughter definitely doesn’t allow me to stop.

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