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Website Guide for Lawyers Attracting Clients

Good websites position lawyers to grow practices

If you think your website is nothing more than a virtual business card…consider consequences.

Referrals, first impressions of new clients, comparing you vs. your competitors. Lot of psychology happens in the brain  before people decide which lawyer to contact. We investigated lawyer websites and pulled out some common problems that you could fix yourself. Download the guide today!

We build lawyer websites that attract clients, load fast, and fully supported to free your time.

Boost your legal practice with a website that includes everything you need to beat your competition, create a sales funnel of clients and take busy work off your plate.
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Build trust

The legal space is extremely competitive, 86% of people won’t trust a business with a poor website. You can instantly boost the perceptions of your practice by choosing to get a better website. People will see that you take your law practice seriously as you do your work.

Get more clients

Whether you’re looking to attract law customers involved in tech, immigration, real estate or any other litigation form, make sure your law practice shows up as the right solution through expertise and speak to their issues.

Generate Wealth

More than just making money, a better website can lead to a wealthier life that saves you time, makes more money than referrals and mark you as a community leader. Build your next website to provide a foundation for future growth and automation.

You didn’t go to school build websites. But we did.

Our law clients enjoy that we take the decision making out of the way. What looks, what colors, how best to articulate your legal services, we can help and have you online in as short as 1 week!

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Shirley Fung- IP Agent at Patent Capital Group

“Mike is enthusiastic, and he knows a lot about helping small businesses develop a unique web presence that would make the right impression. [...] we decided to hire Mike to develop a new website for Patent Capital Group because Mike took the time to listen to our needs and gave us a solution that fits us like a glove--giving us precisely what we needed. [...] The end result was a great website that showcases Patent Capital Group and everyone at the firm in a jaw-dropping way!"
ip lawyer website client

Rebecca Normand-Hochman - Institute of Legal Talent & Leadership

“Mike is a pleasure, he is so helpful, responds to requests very quickly and provides excellent client service. I highly recommend Mike to anyone having to design or manage a website.”

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